Matin Pars Rouyesh co. established regard to development and diversification of food basket of Iranian citizens and importance of healthy and nourishing food, aimed at preventing bad protein products, injection money by export of strategic Food and agriculture products.

Most important goals and scope of this company can be seen in the following chapters:

a. Healthy food :

  1. Production of non-breeding ostrich to provide healthy food cycle
  2. Directly Production cycle through mechanization and modern devices available in the farm (Direct production)
  3. Create and modify intelligent distribution network for timely supplying products in consumption basket
  4. Process of reforming racial breeding’s ostrich
  5. Optimize production process
  6. Produce and sale of ostrich chicks directly
  7. Production, supply and sale of feed


b. Agriculture and Gardens:

  1. Cultivation of medicinal and greenhouse plants
  2. Establish and expand gardens, planting trees and modified vegetable and garden examples.

The company is one of the most important companies of trading group (M.P.S Holding) that will act under constitution, duties and decisions of MPS Investment Committee and final approval of M.P.S Board of directors in field of food, process and agriculture industry and packaging. This company has a independent and registered trade mark on products.
Headquarter of Matin Pars Rouyesh Company placed at 120 kilometers from Tehran. Its farms and gardens in an area of 20 hectares in the first phase have been implemented. Main goals of production section of this company would be increasing and making infrastructure of non-breeder and breeder ostrich during first years up to 2000 birds each year.
Important goal of M.P.S and other partners include:  investment, establish and equip this company, targeted economic activity, login to the food industry and objectify ability of private sector to manufacturing activities; and for second phase would be establishment turkey and herb farm.
The company's slogan is "From Farm to Table" which is based on strategic document which explained basis of production and quality improving; we will achieve it, God willing.